Log #2: The Sandbox in Your Mind

alchemy-labWhat is Alchemy? Alchemy is Chemistry.  Well, not really.  Alchemy is the medieval forerunner to Chemistry.   It is mainly known for turning a common element, such as lead or carbon, into gold.   A lot of alchemists were also know for trying to make an elixir of life, that will either awaken a passed loved one, or make themselves younger or immortal. I know, all of these spells sound impossible.  I doubt that many succeeded in this crazy sounding magic.

But what did people think of alchemists back then? (not that there are no alchemists around today.>:))  Where they respected?  Or were they outcasts?  If they were outsiders, what was life like for them if they were outcasts?  Alchemy was illegal in 17th century England.  Where else did alchemists practice their trade?  If it was illegal, life would be hard for alchemists.  Would they have to hide what they were doing? What if they were caught?

How does Alchemy relate to Networked Narratives?  Here are some guesses.  Storytelling is like alchemy, a random mixture of different things.  Alchemy and stories are like a sandbox in your mind, where you can have fun with the world without any force stopping you from creating magic.



5 thoughts on “Log #2: The Sandbox in Your Mind

  1. Thanks for making a video with your ideas. I agree that transformation is a great ongoing topic of conversation. Fun to see your kids! If you turn your phone to the horizontal, the black bars will disappear and we can see more.
    Great thoughts from the kids–you’ve got a nerd there!

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  2. Was it all about gold? I wonder if there were other pursuits. Not that there’s anything wrong with gold…

    That’s interesting that it became illegal- why did that happen? Were people afraid or just ignorant?

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    1. People were afraid of losing power and money, so alchemy was made illegal to protect rich and powerful people’s identity and reputation in society. Fear is always the reason people lash out.


  3. I love your pondering about the risks involved with alchemy. What kind of risks are involved in telling stories in the digital age? What does it take to strive for transformations? The “sandbox in your mind” idea is brilliant!

    We are here to build castles, and although the sea might swallow them up, they still can leave lasting impressions.

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