Log #3: My story of Ignis, Aqua, Terra, and Air

Literal Elements


Air is the first element on my list. We breath it in, and it is important to keep the air pure, so our lungs don’t get filled with smog.img_0370

Fire is the second element on my list.  It is dangerous, but is a source of heat and it gives us the ability to cook.

Water is the third element on my list.  It is a vital source of nourishment for animals and plants alike.
Earth is the last element on my literal element list.  It is what we make our base tools and shelters out of.


Metaphorical Set of the Four Elements

This is my cat Zuzu.  She represents fire in my life because she scratches and bites anybody she is annoyed by. She has a fiery temper.
This is a tree in my backyard.  It represents air because plants take in Carbon Dioxide, sunlight, and water to make sugar so they can eat.  They’re waste product is what we breath.  Oxygen.
This my family’s tea kettle.  It represents water, for every morning of my life, my parents take it and fill it up with water to make coffee and tea.
My final metaphorical element is this glass cup which I blew into being in Sweden.  We visited the place where my Great-Great-Great Grandparents blew beautiful glassware.  It represents earth because glass is made of molten sand.  Sand is broken down seashells and rock.

5 thoughts on “Log #3: My story of Ignis, Aqua, Terra, and Air

  1. Wow..so much duality in your descriptions! Air as life and death….fire as nurturing and deadly. Water ass well can destroy (tsunami, floods..etc.) Making shelters (and tools) from the earth on which we (already) live…thanks for making me think about these differently. *** Tree as air is the BEST!!!….came to me as “earth” at first, but you’re so correct!!!! Thanks for changing my perspective. 🙂

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  2. My favorite metaphorical element that you posted is Zuzu. She defineitly has a fiery personality, your brother Henry knows all about that


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