The Underground Greenhouse

Earth, 2084. A Nuclear war has broken out between the races of men. Earth is now a charred, barren desert world. Deep underground, in a fallout shelter, there is a tunnel. Not a clean, shiny tunnel. But a very dirty and disgusting tunnel. Not one that many would hope to climb. If you would think to climb down it, you will find the most magnificent sight the world should see. Down in the depths of the shelter, Is a greenhouse as big as a country. It has such forest,s and flower of all sorts. The are different climates, as well as habitats. But if you are brave enough, in the snowy pine forest, there is a small cabin. Inside, is an Alchemist. He, is the Guardian of the Underground Greenhouse. ug1ug2ug4ug5ug3


One thought on “The Underground Greenhouse

  1. Greenhouses can be magical places, can’t they? And in your story, set in future of a charred planet (Yikes!), the magic of nurturing plants and flowers and food would be all the more important. The images really sparked something cool with you as writer.


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