Log# 5: Listening is Noticing

canaries-listeningIn week 5  of Networked Narratives, our class was given an assignment about sound.  In the small clips that are posted on the weekly announcements,  one of the videos talks about how we hear things, but we don’t listen.  There is a huge difference between hearing and listening.  Hearing is just hearing.  Listening, is hearing and taking in what somebody said.  Listening is noticing.  My mind trailed off and I started thinking about language.   When you think deeply about language,  we are just making random noises with our mouths.  What makes us decode these random noises that we understand as language?  How did we set certain combinations of sound to equal logical meaning?  Sound is truly a story shrouded in mystery.

Picking up on the idea of listening, I participated in the NetNarr weekly webinar.  It was intriguing to listen to so many with experience.  In the Networked Narratives webinar, the subject was creative chaos.  Howard Rheingold talked about how when he was in school, everything had a lot of restrictions and rules.  But luckily his mother was the art teacher, and any students who didn’t follow the rules were sent to the art room.  I am able to relate to this because my old school had similar restrictions. There were even rules and boundaries in the art room.  It was hard to shape a cool idea in that atmosphere.

Near the end of our conversation,  Howard Rheingold talked about how when you don’t do creative things, you “starve” a part of your mind.  I like this idea because whenever I just do things that don’t make me think in new ways, I don’t see the point.  He also mentioned he was a gardener, and said that life is like building a compost pile. You throw in ideas like seeds that grow into a garden.  My favorite comment is that when an alchemist  experiments with elements, the alchemist transforms too.  Everything creative that I do shapes me and changes my mind set.  Howard’s comment makes me see why our minds change due to our actions and personality.


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