A Look into Other Nations Relations

time-cover-2This is my second Current Events post.  I am writing about two articles from Time magazine on Japanese and U.S. relations, and E.U. and American relations (in light of Russia).  I decided to alternate between international politics and domestic politics for my weekly current events post.

In the first article President Trump and the prime minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe, plan to make trade between the US and Japan free.  Trump is sending a missile defense system to Japan.  But Abe is unhappy that Trump removed the Pacific Trade Agreement, canceling free trade between several nations in the Pacific Ocean.

I learned that even though I don’t always agree with Trump, some proposals I think are smart.  The free trade between Japan and the U.S. will make our trade more prosperous.

In the next article I read that the E.U. has growing diplomatic tension with the U.S.  The leader of the  E.U.’s public face and executive branch, Jean-Claude Juncker, said in an interview that Russian forces have started to meddle with several European elections.  He states that the U.S. can’t make a unilateral decision regarding Russia (removing sanctions?) without consulting the Europeans.

I have learned that currently our relation with the E.U. has gotten worse since Donald Trump openly criticized the E.U. and is neutral with Russia.


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