Log#8: Pros and Cons of Life Online


This post is about the pros and cons of online life.  I have only been online for a few years, but since then I have learned a lot about the internet.

The Pros of the internet:  

#1: The internet is a virtual library of things!  It makes researching things for school or any subject a ton easier.  Instead of going to the library overtime to research a subject, you can just look it up on your nearest electronic devise.

#2:  We all have some online networks, or groups we participate in.  I can go on for a long time naming all the different types of networks.  Why is this good you Pros of internet.jpgmight ask?  Everyone has a hobby or activity they like. Many might want to connect with people who have the same interests.  Networks are just that.  They are developed by people that have similar passions to share ideas.

#3:  The internet has a special feature: speed.  Before in the olden days, communicating with people from far away would be hard. It would take days and days for a letter to arrive somewhere, and more weeks to get a reply.  Now that there is Email, you can send a message to a person in an instant.

The Cons of the internet:

#1:  Distraction is a majoi-want-my-life-back.jpgr issue when using the internet.  A lot of things on the internet are clickbait, or something made to get your attention.  When you click on something, you just keep clicking the next video or article over and over again, until you have wasted all of your time spiraling down a deep hole.

#2: It is easy to abuse the internet, such as using it to hurt other people or troll them.   A lot of people hide behind fake identities to hurt other people or get something out of them such as money.  It is harder to scam people in real life.

#3:  Not all of the information you find on the internet is real.  Since anyone can post anything they want on the internet, you have to be sure that the information you are reading is truthful and factual.  How do we know where the truth lies in the internet?


creativity1Being online for me has opened many gateways of creativity.  Being in Networked Narratives makes me happy because I am collaborating online and in person with new people.  I am learning a lot about online culture, and think #NetNarr is great.



One thought on “Log#8: Pros and Cons of Life Online

  1. I agree with your analysis of being online. I’ve only been online for a decade, although I learned to program in the 70s and learned BASIC to use an early personal computer in the 80s. I worked in Silicon Valley and kept checking out each new edition that manufacturers and programmers came up with. It wasn’t until Windows 98 proved to be stable and Google reinvented email that computers became useful, IMHO. All the software we have today is amazing and certainly distracts me everyday. I waited decades to be able to tour the best libraries and museums virtually and now I connect with people and institutions around the world. Networked Narratives is another step on my journey of learning to use technology for personal growth instead of merely distraction.


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