Log #9: The Sound of Life

underwater-ambience-sound-effect-018177135_iconmIn Week 8 of Networked Narratives, we are talking more about sound.  Therefore, I took a closer look at sound.

When I think of sound, I think of everyday normal sounds like footsteps or a conversation.  But when I recorded “ambiance,” it just sounded like a foggy mess of words and noises with no defined subject.  It was background gibberish.  After listening to a track I recorded in Starbucks a few times,  I realized that we take ambiance for granted, and it is everywhere.  When you walk in the park, you here birds, the wind, and probably other people talking and laughing.  When walking in New York City, you here cars, people walking, shouting, honking, and many other sounds.  These sounds are so common, we don’t even notice them.  But they reveal life around us.  Most living things make noises and speak to one another in some way.  But it fades into our background unless we pay close attention.  But in order to set the stage for a real life world, general sounds of people doing their thing – human ambience – is essential.  Those noises show that we are here.

Moving on to another part of Networked Narratives, the bus stopped at The Young Writers Project in Vermont this week.  Young Writers Project  I think it is a great environment from my perspective as a kid who loves to write.  It is full of kids who love to write too and I noticed that this network welcomes kids who love to write from all over the world.  I was able to participate in the webinar conversation, and I met other members of the Y.W.P.  Here is the video recording:


Since then I have posted two poems on the Y.W.P. site.  One poem is funny, and the other one is serious:

S.L.O.S. (The Secret Life Of Shoes)

I always wondered if shoes had thoughts.
Do they chose the feet they wont too?
What if shoes had a secret life of their own?

Would shoe boxes be their houses?
Would different brands be different races?
Would our houses be cities to them?

What if being our shoes is just their job, and they have “families” of their own?
When boots are shined, is it a shower to them?
Do not underestimate the S.L.O.S.



I am silent and intent.
I wonder what the mouse feels.
I hear the rustle of a bush.
I spot the mouse peek it’s nose out.
I am silent and intent.

I pretend to be a bushel of leaves.
I feel collected.
I grasp the branch.
I worry that it has seen me.
I screech thinking my prey has vanished.
I am silent and intent.

I understand my meaning in life.
I say the world is unfair.
I dream of being more.
I try to help my fledglings.
I hope I can raise them to adulthood.
I am silent and intent.


One thought on “Log #9: The Sound of Life

  1. I really enjoyed hearing you read the SLOS in class…I see it as a children’s book…maybe a series of the “The Secrest life of _______” where all things have a life. So cool! Your poem “I AM” is REALLY powerful (and kinda sad). Thanks so much for sharing. 🙂


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