Log# 10: Is the Truth Gone?

Man Bat HoaxLast week I went to Washington D.C. with my mom to go to the National Writing Project spring meeting.  They had a presentation on fake news.  The presenter shared a historic example from the 19th century like the “manbat” rumor, where two scientists that were looking for attention made up a story that said “manbats” lived on the moon.  The funny thing is that people believed it.  It was posted in a historic  newspaper.  But why did people believe this fraud?  The bad thing is that today fake news has grown.  Since anybody can post anything they want on the internet, I learned that you should always check the site you are getting information from and see if it is trustworthy.   Since the internet is full of unreliable information, it results in a world where truth may be lost or hidden.

FullSizeRender-2FullSizeRender-4.jpgWhen I was in D.C. I also visited Senator Cory Booker’s office and Senator Robert Menendez’s office to drop of information about the National Writing Project and to support teachers in New Jersey.  The most surprising thing that happened though is that one of the Senator’ Booker’s aides is the niece of my fifth grade teacher.  What a small world! Before I went to D.C., I had no clue what the offices were like and I would not be able to visualize their work environment and where they sign important bills.  Now I have a reference point in my mind for the work that they do.

PV_ish5nlVmsdeAroVB57e3h6UgNJoAYi5YfsSzfU7w.jpegFor my last thoughts for this blog post, I will include my own memories of Kean University.  My favorite memory is when I was in the preschool there and we were learning about “decay”.  I was the only one who got to help the teachers with the vegetable we were watching decompose.  That was one of the happiest days of my life.  Since I was a toddeler I have been lucky to be in this learning community.  It all started in the campus childcare center.


3 thoughts on “Log# 10: Is the Truth Gone?

  1. I am so glad that you were able to travel with your mom to DC for NWP. My wife, another NWP peep, took two of our sons with her a few years ago, doing just what you were doing, and she found that having young writers in the room with legislators was powerful and effective. I hope you shared some of your amazing writing (maybe this blog?).
    I like your decomposing memory. That sounds like a poem in waiting, doesn’t it?
    Kevin, out here in the open


  2. Oh, as to your first piece, about Truth.
    We think that the emergence of New Media might make it easier to discern the line between truth and fiction but that obviously is not the case. We see what we want to see, and notice only what confirms what we want to believe. This is human nature. When people use that against us, as we saw in the November election, it rattles us. But maybe it also gives us an opportunity to examine our own bias of the world, and pop the bubbles we live in.
    Thanks for the insights
    Kevin, again, still in the open


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