Log #18: Continuing of Story Sparkers

This is a small concept for a bigger story.  I write these to spark my inspiration for magical and fantasy stories. I recommend doing this because it is fun and helps me find inspiration for stories.  This short story is called “The Boy and the Fairy”.


One quiet evening the was a little boy running through a forest.  He was barefoot, and was wearing ragged and slightly torn clothes.  But he seemed happy.  His cheeks were rosy from running for so long, and he started to slow down.  As he came to a stop, a strange light flew by him.  It wasn’t just any light.  It was a welcoming light.  It was warm, and seemed to bring joy to the little boy.  The boy stared at it, and it seemed to stare back.

The light moved a little to the right.  So did the boy.  It moved to the left.  The boy Soul.pngfollowed.  The light flew deeper into the forest, and the boy stood frozen for a second, and just as fast as the light, he ran into the forest.  As he ran, more lights started to join his frantic running.  The more he saw, the more excited he became.  He came to a sudden stop.  He was in a clearing, and in the center of it was a shabby, small cabin.

The boy approached it, and opened the door.  Inside was a small bed perfectly his size.  There was a table full of food.  And best of all, was that the room was full of fairies.

“Thank you.” he proclaimed.




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