Log#20: The Hidden Art of Bergen,Norway

Living in Bergen is a very special experience, especially for artists.  There happens to be an abundance of street art, whether it be an inspirational  message,  a decal, or funny cartoon.  Each example has an explanation, whether it be some political statement, a quote from a famous book or movie, or just let the viewer decide.  The best part about this, is that the art is always changing, new decals are pasted on the wall of  an alleyway, fresh paint is sprayed on the cover of a street, and every single popup street exhibition is a feat of art.


This Funny octopus, is still in the making.  The artist was still spray painting when I took the picture.  It shows the different colors and detail put into this art.


Not all street art has to be created with paint though, for these tree socks were created by the students in my school – Christi Krybbe Skole – to add color to the bland brown and green of the surrounding trees.


This is an example of a decal, which is made by a machine that prints an image, but instead of it being on paper, it is made out of ceramic, cloth, plastic, etc.  Then it is pasted onto any surface, but it can be removed by peeling it off or painting over it.


This is yet another example of street art not always being made up of a decal or spray paint.  These umbrellas were put up during the time of the UCI World Championships (World Cycling Race).   I’m not sure what the artist intended this to represent, but my theory is that these umbrellas represent Bergen’s rainy weather.


Art makes a city more colorful and happy.  This one is a slightly more hidden away, but can be spotted near Vilvite, (The Science Center), and inspires kids who walk by after a day of exploration and learning.


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